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I used to go to the library to get albums, it was the only place you could get music for free basically, and they only had Silver And Gold or Harvest. Now that Neil Young record is my favourite of his albums even though it's not his best. You find something that you really love, and I think there's a lot of that in the album.

Walulu (Heart of Nowhere)

Why write in pairs? However I always think it's a real success if you managed to make a record that more enjoyable to listen to in full than rather hearing a few songs. It's something that's really hard to do, so we always consider the energy and the emotions. What's your feeling for the record, you could take the title in quite a bleak way, yet the last song is melancholic but uplifting. Where is it for you? The character in the song says I will follow you to the heart of nowhere.

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There's a romance to it. But I also like the idea that some people feel their teenage years are in the heart of nowhere. More than anything it feels a nostalgic record. I really struggle to write anything that doesn't have a hint of melancholy in it, I don't know why. It's just something I naturally warm to. I'd like it to be an album you can listen to with your friends, it has an element of that in it. I always like to think of context about albums, where people listen to them.

It feels like something you'd put on driving around with your friends or hanging out at a party. You've also made a film with the same title with the album, how does that fit into in the creative process? Then I had the first couple of which established the idea for the album and that let me develop the film story. I co-wrote the film with a girl called Charlotte Colbert, a young up-and-coming screenwriter.

We spoke just as I started writing the album. So how does it all fit together? Are they integral or separate entities? The film evolves the same idea. It's a half-hour short film - it only uses a couple of songs from the album and there's a score that takes some of the melodies from the rest of the record - and it's a story about friendship. There are four friends who are on this island where the teenagers live. They're separated from society and the film starts with them learning it's now the time they're being taken to The City to be adults. It's the last night they have together.

In the film the idea that adolescence and adulthood are very separate worlds and you don't bring anything with you from one to the other. Why do a film at all? It's a lot of effort on top of an album Having said that working on the film has been such a joy. I guess it's a really exciting opportunity to be able to do that. I'd like to develop my skills as a filmmaker and it was a good opportunity for us to do that. The last album put us in a good position to have some creative freedom and do interesting things.

I feel like the music industry has only existed for such a short period of time, it's been in mainstream culture since the 50s which is nothing in terms of industry, so it's got to evolve and change and so it could be cool if albums are becoming more immersive experiences.

Heart of Nowhere Songtext

It's more than a record, it comes with something else. Bands like The Smiths did that with their artwork in the s, perhaps album films are the updated, 21st century version version? Album artwork exists less and less now, maybe part of the incentive is to replace the sleeve. How much is film a different expression for you and how much do you see commonalities between making a movie and writing songs?

It's interesting to go between the two. One thing I picked up from film was how collaborative it is. A director will always get too much credit or blame for a film, I think, because so many people make that film. You have to trust your team and learn to put stuff in other people's hands.

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I think that's something I tried to do with this record as well. It's our most collaborative record. Also a lot of the songs on the albums are stories and part of that is imagining the scenes and pulling out the detail. It does help I think. So are you films slightly melancholic as well as your songs? I can't escape it! What are you ambitions in film?

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It's something I really enjoy. I did the score for this film which is separate from the record and that was great too. You can't plan too much but if a cool opportunity comes along you have to be ready for it. Retrieved 6 May Bauer Media Group. Archived from the original on 5 May Retrieved 5 May Retrieved 6 October All Media Network. The Independent. Retrieved 14 August London : IPC Media: June The Music Service.

Retrieved 9 May The Wild Honey Pie.

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